Imbiss Berliner Döner with delicious Turkish specialties from the Middle East in Vienna.

The Imbiss Berliner Döner in Vienna offers a wide variety of delicious traditional Turkish food and specialties from the Turkish region, as well as from the Middle East such as Arabia.

Phone number: +4369910378610

Open daily!

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The Imbiss Berliner Döner in Vienna offers schnitzel, sandwiches, schnitzel plates, schnitzel boxes and even Schnitzel-Dörum.

The meat is offered in different variations such as chicken, veal or lamb.

The restaurant also offers noodle boxes with various dishes such as vegetables, chicken or kebab.

The doner kebab is offered with a mixed salad, fries or fresh rice.

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The snack bar Berliner Döner is located in the middle of Vienna and you can also take the food with you as Eat to Go.

There is also a huge selection of vegetarian dishes that are available for vegetarians.

Friends of vegetarian cuisine will be delighted with the preparation and the freshly prepared vegetables.

The vegetables are selected and prepared early in the morning before the snack bar opens and are always freshly prepared in the kitchen.

The stand of the snack bar is quite central and is perfect for eating there.

In front of the snack bar you have the opportunity to sit down and eat something, but the Berliner Döner in Vienna is known for ordering the food quickly and taking it with you, because the food tastes very tasty even on the go.< /p>

Just drop by the Berliner Döner snack bar in Vienna and see for yourself.

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Berliner Döner in Vienna with delicious döner and food.